Wassup my bro-de-os, Yo, Yo!.  I got some new phones. Throw out that

T9 hunk-a-junk, my wizard,  we got touch screen GOWLD!  See I was

Sold, SOLD!, when the salesman showed me the feature where you can

Find da nearest dance club and ladies to meet ya!!  — N’ check your

Coat at the coat check – Yaaaa… – check the email! – N’ check da details

– Gotta send the love to them females, And

Prevail – at the hunt n’ sport we call the chase.  And just

Like this tennis game we winnin’ and its match, set, ace  –

You’re on fire! —

Going all out and carrying chargers- an’

We settin’ our sights on the primary targets — and don’t

Blow it like a mario cartridge.  Yes, and

Regardless of where you at – best not forget to text back! Alright, Alright! – You

Understand the plan? C’mon n’ get your dance on. Once we

Hit the dance floor it’ll be a dance storm

You know the place we always gettin our romance on!! So what the

Flip you think we doing??  Texin’ on the dance floor!!

Textin’ on the dance flo’

Textin’ on the dance flo’

Textin’ on the dance flo’


There’s a douche bag

Textin’ on the dance flo

There’s a douche textin’ on the dance floor

There’s a douche bag

Textin’ on the dance flo

There’s a douche textin’ on the dance floor ya ya ya ya ya


Yaaa’lll See thiis bill?

It must be a sign

So I ditched my phoooooone

for a re-desiiiiiign.

Wanna see this phone?

Hell no, iss mine

If you so inclined

I’ll see you online.  Ya’ll

See these thumbs

Now get off my grill

Boy, I text so fast

made yo mama ill

Now your mama know

Who got textin’ skill

Are these texts for real?

Homie, what’s the deealll?

Ice Cap – Etown

Textin’ on the dance flo, girls all around me

gettin’ digits – hittin’ fridgets

Nobody gettin’ away from MY DEEEEE

Hold back where’s my manners?

makin’ room for two mad hatters

Smoovie Smoov & G Wizzzeeeerd

Tongue up that SHiiiii like drunken’ lizard

To the leffff

Shake that ass – like a drrty grrl wit class

To the right

Back center – shake it again and make it matter

Lean Back

Shake my dang-a-lang, make it move & gimme some of that nasty thang

It’s time to take this party up a notch, but my phones outta batteries

Hey, wassup thug? You talkin ‘t me?

Where there once was 2, Guess what!! There’s three.

So say hello to our new holmie, he’s

Rackin’ up them roaming fee’s

Hey what you doing? Ah, nothing G.

Just takin a shot of her mammaries.

HD 3D 1080 P!!

What’s your phone got?  A shattered screen?

Flattering, we the best MCs.  These

Treats so sweet, they give you cavities.

My 5, LD with the lowest fees

On da phone so much, I got the brain disease.

Chillin’ with the pope – my phone is blessed

In oath, our cell phones against our chest

Pledge allegiance to the holy crest

Of the Kemo Treats:  we are the best

Chorus [Repeat]

® Ice Cap appears courtesy of Shoot You in the Fuckin’ Face Records®



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