“Although I am obviously too old to understand their music, even I can recognize that the Kemo Treats are the funniest, cleverest, most talented duo to come out of Edmonton since Gordon’s Big Bald Head. They also seem to have some pull with the ladies, which baffles me… You can add “Funny as f@$k” to my quote if you want…”

Wes Borg: Comedian, Actor, Playwright & Musician3 Dead Trolls In A Baggie & Derwin Blanshard

“If Beastie Boys, Run DMC & Lonely Island had an orgy in a hot tub full of chips, Kemo Treats would be their love child.”

– Johnny Sullivan, 92.5 FRESH FM Morning Show Host

“This video has strong flavours of masculinity and heterosexuality and later has hints of femininity and homosexuality.  Great stuff!”

– Michael Kosta – Comedian / TV Star – Referring to the music video for “Wino”

“…throwback beats inspired by a number of different eras of hip-hop, especially West Coast rap and g-funk, although there are also references to NYC old school and the funkier, soulful Southern rap of the Dungeon Family.”

– Thomas Quinlan, Exclaim!


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