MMM tasty yum yums, gonna get my snack on,

Got the treats jacked on, time to get my sugar mac on.

– Gummy bear snitches – You know I pop those

Gon’ have a lil’ taste of the high fructose!

5 – finger – discount, 5 cent candy

Spit – so – sweet, – they – call – me sugar daddy

So hop on this soda pop cotton candy fix

Can we have a lil’ kiss!? no they mine sugar tits!

Red dye number seven, I’m in heaven

When I down a bag o’ treats straight from 7-11!

Chewin soda bottles, wash it down with ginger ale

Slurpees on sale pop rocks & blue whales!

Gimme fuzzy peaches! Where my green toes at? We

Chillin’ on the beaches n’ the lunchbox packed

with snacks – Belly empty – I’m in da mood

got a dollar in my pocket in’ it’s time for junk food


Everybody know we got flavour

So throw your hands in the air

And If you diggin’ these beats that we made ya

Go feed these treats to ya neighbor


People say the treats ain’t intellectual

But the fact is – Shut up and eat your vegetables!  (drop the beat for G) (deadpan)

Not that processed crap, something edible  – like

A carrot stick in between your skull and mandible – Chew

52 times before you swallow,  down your

Throat it goes, and just so y’all know

wait a lil’ bit before you do da cardio – Do

The horizontal dip after the party-yo – But

If you don’t wait all your blood’ll hesitate, n’ you

might get sick with a cramp or belly-ache, so for

Pete’s sake, Common! Try not too eat late, Cuz if ya

Eat around bedtime you’re bound to gain weight

Wake up the next day and you’re salivatin’ –

– So eat a loaf of bread to get your Riboflavin

And go dance to the beats that we made ya

A good healthy dose of the Treats – might – save ya


I know you wanna taste it, triple maple basted

painted with a glaze n’ we’ll cure what ails ya

high qualité product, we got game!

Chewin’ sugar free sticks with da ASPARTAME

Headin’ to the store – it’s time to get some eats

Beef jerky,  minced meats never tasted so sweet!

N the wizard always shares with his bro

mix and knead this beat, that’s – how – we make dough!

I know, I know.. all the ladies say…

G-Wizard makin’ hits like every single day!

mouth’s covered with carrot cake and rolos

chocolate loonies, wrapped in gowld!

Smells so sweet when I take a pee

Check wif my doc said I gotta disease

he pricked my finga, n’ he gave it a squeeze

I’m sorry son, you have the diabetes!



Poppin’ champagne silly, and I mashed the cork

While I’m stirring up the chilli with a plastic spork

– Cooking this, really, its a master sport

Only use the store-bought as a last resort

–Open up your mouth for a safe deposit

From the farm, but I picked it up (FRESH) at the market

Fired up the b-b-q with a spark flick

And now your stomach is the mark or the target – for the

Carrots and dip – or a basket of chips.  With a

Sirloin tip, about 2 inch thick, And

Don’t you worry, health inspectah came early, in a

hurry so the hair in your food’ll be curly,  And red

Ya I spice it with a smidgen of ginger, She got that

Pungent aroma that’s gon–na linger in your nose

and then removed with your finger on your clothes

So won’t you sing the chorus, this is how it goes.


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