yo this lanyards sweet – not a bit useless so

bow-down – right here ——– This is how ya do it – go n’

loop it round ya kneck like-a noose  BITCH!!!

n’ if ya try to get loose I might tighten that shit

ya sometimes i rock a chain instead, n’ as far as I’m concerned

it doesn’t matter whether it’s metal or thread

cause if you don’t give my loop a piece fuckin’ respect – They gonna

find you in the woods with a lanyard round ya neck

have to take it off n’ wrap it ‘round ya fuckin’ neck

I got a big ol fuckin’ lanyard and its attached at the hip

To my belt with my keys at the end of a clip.

Spring loaded so they stayin’ snug, n’ never slippin’

Out my pocket when I reach in to grab my wallet n’ Shit. So

You know, we ain’t playin’, y’all are trying to keep pace

With my flow, he steady spraying, all the spit from my face comes

Out my throat, that’s where its staying, til’ I’m hittin’ the hay. So keep-on

Praying-n-quit-yo-bitchin’ – y’all r’ just wishing.


I wish I had a lanyard, just like Smoovie

He be rockin’ ‘em tight like you might see in the movies.

I wish I had a lanyard, like G-Wizard He be

Zippin with his clips backstage with the groupies

I wish I had a lanyard like these two playa’s

Or like the mayor, check his neck, it’s mutha fuckin’ beauty

i wish i had a lanyard like the Kemo Treats

– they’re so sweet – drop the mutha fuckin’ beat!

Put the fuckin’ shit Between ya mutha fuckin’ tits

One around yo neck, and one around yo dick

slip it down slow – n’ get a nice loose fit. L-L-L

Lanyards are some dope fuckin’ shit

I’m so hot when I rip on a style this fuckin’ fresh.

As fresh as the clip attached to my fuckin vest

n’ when we talkin’ ‘bout clips we ain’t talkin’ bout lead

Now I’m a take my fuckin’ lanyard – and cut your fuckin’ head

Your brain got ya thinkin’ that your gold chain’s hot.

Well the gun on my lanyard says you bout’ ta get shot!

Wannabe motherfuckers, go on.. run to the cops.

Lanyards are the future, and you’re fuckin’ not!

Leave ya cranium in pieces. – Ya

Oozin’ juices and greases – Crying

Like my little nieces oh well

L-A-N-Y-A-R-D — Who gives a fuck how its spelled!



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