Yo it’s Smoovie 2 Smoov and the bonafide Wiz
2 middle class homies gonna give you the bizz
Rhymes so tight ya gonna jizz ya pants
Go on do the G-Wiz & 2 Smoov dance

Since I’ve been in the game this long I thought I’d try this
Smoovie on the mic with the Bona Fide Wiz
Our songs are like crack cocaine. Take away
your pain. And you can’t wait to play it again.

When I’m near a mic, I can’t wait to bust
On the train, in your car, on the private plane.
I must, I must, In Kemo Treats we trust
With a taste of this hook you’ll go insane

It’s Gee Wiz, (Who?) Gee Wiz!
That’s some crazy ass shit.

Yaaoowwww…  I’m gonna get you dude… Gee Wiz!
What chall gonna to do? What cha gonna do now

G-Wiz N’ lil’ 2 smoov gonna make ya move
Turn ya faders up;  drop the needle N’ groove
Originate straight from the underground
we get down; no holds barred, ya get smacked down

Rollin’ in my YAAAARIS! You bedda watch yo tank!
Gas prices so high they give your wallet a spank!
And don’t worry the stereo’s bumpin’ …
We always keep plump beats thumpin’ or somethin’

What’s that blaring our of your car?
Its the Kemo Treats.  Who you think we are?

We’re two middle class crackas, straight from E-Town
Rock the mic like house of pain, we make you jump around

I’m a lil’ 2 Smoov, but I’m big as a rhino
Make play with all the ladies. (GROAN), can I try? No!!!!!
We rap in the studio, our shit’s concrete.
Freestyle in my ride as we cruise the street!

Spittin’ rhyme’s unique over this beats mystique
Who the fuck you think we are? We’re the Kemo Treats
And to all the ladies who want a piece of this “honk”
which is bigger than average for a cracker “boing”

We could get fucked up and watch a porno “oohhh”
Rock my cock while I’m lickin your “meow”
But don’t smoke rock cuz it’ll knock your block off
and here’s a beat box that’ll rock your socks off

Bro, what you wanna do?
I don’t even know fool!
We best check the program.

I’m down with what you sayin’
The Kemo Treats are playin’
Yeah!  We are the best!

W-T-F we talking about?
S-T-F-U ya ungrateful bastard!
I’m R-O-F-L-M-A-O
With beats more deadly than a Ninja Ho

My rhymes are wanted for heinous crimes
they’re about to unwind, so let’s rewind!
G wizard’s licks spit da serious shit
And my raps will stick cause this shit is SICK!

Inflate debate, but ya can’t relate!
So chew this fat cause we about to deflate
Your tiny ass dingy.
The only thing better than our raps is our singing.
You get a boner from ice? BLING BLINGY! Say What?

When we lay down tracks, its GOLD when we wing it.
Drones sittin’ in da back of a beat so wack!
G-Wizard lays smacks while he multitracks..

When I’m flowin in the studio i need five mics
One for the beatbox that i rock so tight
One for the glub glub as i give the bong a light
In the middle of the night. Bro pass me the bud.

One that’s waterproof in case i spill my drink
One by my baby’s mouth pretty, puckered and pink
To capture all her moans and groans
And one to order pizza from my mobile phone

I’m so tight when i blow.  I go toe to toe
You’re in flight cuz my lyrics are tight.
Don’t you know? When I blow its GOLD!!, that’s pro bono
You gonna feel my might if you’re rich or poor.

I’ll let you in on the know tonight.
I might just bust a mic and thrust it right
In your nose if you got the flowing prose
That could dispose of my ego.


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